Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Caged Bird Tweets

I had planned to post the highlights of my experiment with Twitteration. Unfortunately, there are no highlights yet. Maybe these can hold you over until when:

12 Feb
Baby reaches toward me like Adam in Michelangelo's painting--only it's my eyeball, not my finger, that he's almost got...

14 Feb
Nicole says Valentine's Day was designed for six-year-old girls: lots of pink, cute little notes, and free candy. Also, no angst.

15 Feb
Just folded a sheet that's had the spit-up washed out twice today. Ponce de Leon, we have found the fabled fountain of youth.

18 Feb
Someday, my young friend, you too may tell your wife, "You always look so sexy when the kids are asleep."

19 Feb
I am so religious: every day, I listen to my infant son recite the entire book of Lamentations. Still wish he would just sleep, though.

22 Feb
The internet puts the whole world at the same distance. The only things we have to fear are horseshoes and hand grenades.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Becoming a Twit

I am currently working on a book so poetic that I am only averaging a little over five hundred words per day even though I am almost always working whenever my baby isn't crying so loudly I can no longer think.

You would think that I would put out more than 515 words on average in that three-hour work window, but don't be fooled: dredging great writing out of my soul is fairly time-consuming, because my soul is pretty far away.

All of which is to say: I didn't blog in January, and may not blog again "for realsies" until April.

Honestly, I thought that would be good enough, but having watched the news out of Tunisia and Egypt (not to mention Algeria), I'm getting a bit nervous that if I don't keep active in some way, I may be ousted from my own blog by popular protests.

That's why I decided yesterday to become a real Twit.

I joined Twitter in June of 2009 so I could win free tickets to a play, but almost immediately forgot my password and didn't tweet again until yesterday, when I suddenly remembered that my Twitter password was "Twitter." Armed with that password, I have since tweeted twice, hoping that a tweet a day keeps the protests at bay.

You can follow me on Twitter if you know how to do such things (no help here--I'm still only following the people in charge of that long-ago contest...) OR you can check this blog every week or so and I'll update a post with selected tweets.
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