Lern 2 Read Gud

It may be apparent to you that the author of this blog spent most of his time in kindergarten and first grade struggling to learn to jump rope and tie his shoes, and therefore never really learned to read anything properly and in order. As a result his* blog is a terrible mess. Luckily, it's still among the kinds of writing that involve the reader actively instead of passively, so the terrible mess can also be a great playground.

Some tips on how to make your reading here more fun:

1) Hyperlinks often cross-reference to posts in this and neighboring blogs for added meaning or fun. This is sort of like trying to write for readers who compulsively skip to the end, and then making the last page say "Page 27 is pretty funny. And this page will be even funnier if you also read page 132."
Consider pressing the Ctrl button while clicking on links, which will open them in a new tab instead of the current one. Readers who don't Ctrl-click have sometimes gotten lost and had to wait for the next reader wandering through the archives to help them find their way home.

2) In many blogs, the comments are hardly worth reading because they are either too argumentative or else too nice. The comments on this blog, for the most part, are neither. It's almost as if the audience realized that the author is not a great writer and wanted to pick up the slack: true gems are to be found by those who read what other readers wrote.

3) In addition to gems, this blog is sprinkled with easter eggs. Looking (and clicking) around can sometimes yield unexpected little surprises. (Keep your expectations low, though, or you may not be pleasantly surprised.)

4) I will think of more advice later. I will tell you when we're both older what it is.

*by which I mean "my." (Sorry for separating this unnecessary footnote by several inches from the sentence it comes from, but honestly, a few inches of movement is the least of your concerns in this terrible and often incoherent blog.)
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