Three interconnected blogs-- "My Life and Hard Times," "Caucajewmexdian," and "Mormon Midrashim"--make up my Creative Writing Master's Thesis project. Each blog explores a different aspect of how I see the world.

In this blog, I am particularly interested in monkeys, presents, nonlinear reading, true love, the Apocalypse, hastily-painted easter eggs, and the story of Hansel & Gretel. 

The blog has also garnished several moving celebrity endorsements:

"Beautiful...when the communists took over for several weeks, I almost cried..." -James Goldberg

"This blog is good, mostly clean, fun!" -James Goldberg

"When I think about this blog, it usually makes me happy." -James Goldberg

"The author of this blog is sort of a decadent hobo, but he's so charming, you'd never notice." -James Goldberg
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