Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I've got another riddle for you...

This morning's riddle for Kira was as follows:

I have a thick red skull
and a mushy brown brain
and one long, thin, white leg

"I know!" said Kira after several unsuccessful guesses, "it's a gummi bear!"

"Does a gummi bear have a thick red skull?" I said.

"Yes," she said, "a red gummi bear does."

"OK," I said, "but does it have one long, thin, white leg?"

"A white one does," said Kira.

"No," I said, "a white one has two short, stumpy legs."

"Not if you eat one and stretch the other one out," said Kira.

"OK," I said, "but no gummi bear has a mushy brown brain!"

"It could be root-beer flavored," said Kira.

I sighed. I can't recall ever eating a root-beer flavored gummi bear, but they probably do exist, and there's probably even some county fair where you can order them deep-fried. "That's still three different gummi bears!" I argued instead. "A red gummi bear doesn't have a mushy brown brain or a long, white leg."

"You can squish them together in a ball," said Kira. "It's pretty easy."

So the bad news is: I was defeated in a battle of wits once again by a seven-year-old.
The good news is: next time I ask someone else that riddle, I'll bet they won't come up with the new answer, which is "a bitten-off red gummi bear head with a stretched-out white gummi bear leg attached to the bottom and a chunk of root-beer-flavored gummi bear stuffed inside."

We're quite the team, Kira and I.
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