Thursday, June 3, 2010

The March of the Theses

I would like to write a documentary for Morgan Freeman to narrate. It will be about intrepid Master's Theses which trek past several authorities and through several forms to the center of Antartica--where, tragically, most will never even get a date.

One of the scenes in my documentary will be this very moment, in which a graduate student (played by me) writes this blog post to inform readers that a month after his thesis defense, his thesis has been submitted as a .pdf document for approval by people with sharp eyes and red pens.

In one of the film's most moving moments, Morgan Freeman will explain that the student, who appears to be sitting and typing like always, is actually providing a link through which people can preview and even download the pdf of his thesis, even before it is approved! How exciting!

Unfortunately, by this point most of the audience will already be asleep.

Oh, well.


  1. Very tricky. Letting us see it regardless of whether or not the powers that be like it. :-)

  2. Update: the thesis has been approved at all levels. :) It'll still be a bit until all the paperwork gets worked out and it actually appears in the library, but I'm very happy it's approved and I can graduate.

  3. .

    Crap. I read it earlier today. I should have marked down where I found a typo.....


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