Saturday, May 29, 2010

Now Celebrating: Fetal Awareness Day

The baby surprised Nicole today by kicking vigorously for most of her shower--surprising, since he usually waits to kick until she's lying down and relaxed (11 pm is his most active time).He continued to swim and squirm throughout the day, wiggling and kicking inside of Nicole so much during dinner that she finally put down her fork and asked if he was trying to get her attention.

The baby did not respond. We've decided that today is simply Fetal Awareness Day. It's a sort of holiday, we think, which takes place on any day when the fetus is particularly aware.

The baby Kira is calling Balraj is in a celebratory mood. You would
be, too, if you spent all your time in a private, heated indoor pool.


  1. If he's most active around 11pm, does that mean it's usually Fetal Awareness Night?

  2. When Mom first saw the picture, she almost fell off the couch (I was at the computer, but with my back turned to the monitor while I explained something. Mom saw the photo load, completely ignored me, and asked "Is that what I think it is. When I turned around I stopped short of falling out of the chair, but I can tell you we were both pretty excited. Happy Fetal Awareness Day, Balraj.)

  3. Matt, the difference is that at 11 p.m. I am relaxed and lying down. That opens up his space and gives him plenty of room to swim. When I'm sitting or standing, his space is quite cramped. He was just determined to get our attention. Or, maybe he was just having a good time trying figure out how to maximize his space. He's already working up into my diaphragm and thoroughly enjoys taking over my stomach space. Oh, I'm just excited for the days when he dances on my bladder (just like his big sister did).

    For something so natural, pregnancy sure is weird.


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