Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Goldberg Guide to Effective New Media!

As I came into class today, two of my students were discussing another class they share. Apparently, the teacher lectures for all two and a half hours, but has required the students to sign up for Twitter so they can talk to each other about class.

Wow! I thought. The internet does solve everything. You can be really boring, but the power of social media will make all your students want to spend extra time staring at a screen talking about your course matter anyway! Heck, maybe next semester you could just tweet your two-and-a-half hour lecture, 140 characters at a time. Everyone is more interesting with a little bird voice.

Twitter, however, has limited application. It's really only good for adding instant excitement to education. For humor, where my interest lies, you have to look beyond Twitter into MS Paint, which has a similar sort of magic:

Interesting fact: MS Paint is also a good way to diagnose a medically deficient sense of humor. If you see something in Paint, and you don't think it's funny, you should either see a doctor or self-medicate until it is funny to you.


  1. Dang it! I remembered what I was going to post before I wrote this crap!

  2. It was going to be about a dream I had in which I interviewed Barack Obama's unicorn.

    Did you know that the horn gene is recessive, by the way? I'd always assumed all unicorns had horns, but that's not true.

  3. So they didn't really die in Noah's flood?

  4. Have you ever seen hyperbole and a half? All MS Paint. Very cool. And funny.

  5. k. double-u. (if that really is your name!),

    Hyperbole and a Half is pretty much my inspiration for this post. Allie Brosh is extremely funny and I wish MS Paint would automatically bring me up to her level. Sadly, you have to actually know what you're doing with technology in order for it to work. Otherwise I would always use MS Paint and tweet all my lectures and people would love me so much they would spontaneously send me money, which I would bathe in.


    No, unicorns didn't really die in the flood. If the dodos could survive that, I'm sure the unicorns also could. And it wasn't really Noah's flood, it was more God's that Noah happened to be around for. (I wasn't going to say anything, but unicorns may be reading this and they're picky about technicalities like that).

  6. I love the James-face, compleat with a couple strands of hair.


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