Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Guessing Game

After spending three hours trying to figure out which districts I am part of (it's something like 4, 57, 26, 4, IV, and apparently none of 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and whatever else was up for state school board), I finally managed to get sent home from the polling station to come back with proof of address (my driver's license still lists my old address, twenty minutes away). Don't worry, though. I did come back and vote, which has given me my annual buzz of civic engagement--sort of like going to church on Easter gives select people a year's worth of religion.

In more amusing news, Kira decided we should play a guessing game on the way home. I was a little burned out on guessing after all that voting, but Nicole and I played along anyway. Kira's game worked like this: she'd give us three clues, and then we'd guess what she was talking about. This worked pretty well when she'd tell us things like:
-she's an aunt
-she has red hair
-she's awesome
but got more difficult when the clues changed to
-it's a noun
-it's fast
-it's cool

For those of you playing at home, the answer to the first set of clues is "Kirstin." My answer to the second was "I don't know, Kira, and I don't want to guess" but the real answer was "Beavers. No, actually cats. Cats look like beavers. Haha! Cats look like beavers! Cats look like beavers! Cats look like beavers! Hahahaha! Cats look like beavers! Cats look like beavers! Cats look like beavers! Cats look like beavers!"

She danced her way into the house and down the hall to this refrain and was still laughing about the line as she put on her pajamas.

Sometimes I wish I had her energy, but times like this remind me it's probably safer that I don't.


  1. Wow, they actually made you show proof of address? All I had to do to vote was tell them my name & sign under my pre-printed signature.

  2. We had to show photo ID, but not proof of address. I think we'd need that in order to register in a new area, though.

    I am still trying to figure out why we have to vote for County Coroner, but I can't recall ever having more than one candidate running, so I haven't had to research what would make someone truly qualified for that office.

    One candidate for another office was identified as "Pro-Life (a person, formerly know as...)". I imagine someone had a tough time figuring out just how to handle this on the ballot. While I agree with this guy's stance on this particular issue, I've never known him to make any meaningful comment on any other issue in any forum, so he didn't get my vote. Having him and the coroner on the ballot made the whole voting experience a bit surreal for me.


  3. I think voting for coroner goes back to the days of villages when pretty much an municipal job was by election. By the same principle, we ought to elect garbage collectors today.

    The again, when almost everyone is a farmer, jobs like coroner probably seem cushy instead of not particularly desirable.


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