Friday, July 13, 2012

Countries Where People Are Thinner than Me

The BBC currently has a calculator up that not only gives you your BMI, but also compares it to the average BMI of people in your gender and age group in other countries worldwide.

According to their calculations, I most resemble an average young man from Senegal in BMI. And I have a higher BMI than the average young man in Somalia, Burundi, Bhutan, or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Also according to their statistics, I would have to gain 69 pounds to be average in weight for the United States.

I haven't worried about my BMI before, but I'm thinking I should do something to narrow the gap a little bit. Maybe hit Singapore's 22.5 average young male BMI? All I'd have to do is lose six inches...


  1. Don't you mean 15 centimeters?

  2. Most of the civilized world uses SI (aka metric) units.

  3. Apparently I am most like women in the Solomon Islands...I am all for living on an island in the sun!

  4. Katherine MorrisJuly 13, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    The question, then, is should we make the global mean our goal weight? Eat local; think global?

  5. I would guess that your personal solution to bringing your BMI up would be to grow more hair--pounds and pounds of it.

    Auntie Sheila

    1. Actually, my BMI probably does spike when I get wet.

  6. Please don't ask James to grow more hair. I'm the one who cleans the shower. . .

  7. Maybe people should send me free food, since my BMI matches up with those living in Ethiopia?

    Or maybe BMI is a completely ridiculous measurement and we should concentrate on being healthy instead of measurements?

    Nah, measuring's so much easier. :-D


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