Friday, March 29, 2013

James Goldberg's eBook: Worth the Paper It's Not Printed On Four the Next Four Days

Now through Monday, you can download a copy of James Goldberg's novel The Five Books of Jesus absolutely free for your Kindle. Or your favorite Kindle-impersonating electronic device. Or your mom's favorite Kindle-impersonating device.

But don't just google it. I'll give you the link if you promise to follow two other links and consider them carefully first.

First: I want you to read my review of this book. Review spoiler alert: I mostly pan it. Novel spoiler warning: if you don't want to know about the crucial plot twist late in this book, you should probably not go to church on Sunday. And try to avoid facebook this weekend. Also the news anytime Pope Francis appears.

Second: I want you to consider the caliber of writer James Goldberg is likely to be based on his past awards. All I can say is: sixth place. Search google images for James Goldbergs and you'll see what a low standard sixth place can set.

OK. Did you follow the links? Do you still think this eBook will be worth the money you're not paying and the paper it's not printed on?

Hm. Well, then I suppose I can't stop you. Here's the link for James Goldberg's novel, free through the end of the day on Monday.

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