Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving made Simple

Kira explains the essentials of Thanksgiving:


  1. Pumpkin pie and meat. Said like a true vegetarian's daughter.

  2. The funny part is: I'm not sure she ended up eating either. I think her plate was full enough by the time turkey came around that no one thought to give her any, and she doesn't care that much. As for pie: I saw her eat mixed berry pie, chocolate pie, and raspberry chocolate pie, but I don't think she got around to the pumpkin pie.
    Ah, well. Most of the guests covered the "essentials."

  3. I agree. The leftovers sometimes looking like a cross between meat and cake. I love meat cake.

    Next time we're out there I'll cook my special recipe turkey and dressing and we'll see if your mother will make pumpkin pie.

  4. You know what I missed this year? Dad's cranberry sauce. It's bright red, very tart, and made from the real berries. That's a Thanksgiving essential in my mind.

  5. ha! "meat pumpkin pie". children are incredible!!!


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