Tuesday, November 24, 2009

October Commies

The Commie Committee has convened once again! This month we've picked a very special guest presenter:

While not technically a communist, Joe McCarthy shared a communist affinity for abuse of authority, systematic scare tactics, and grand political plans based on laundry lists. He also did more than any other American to reconcile communist sympathizers with mainstream society by giving them the hallowed glow of excessive and unfair persecution. Surprisingly, this appears to be McCarthy's first appearance on this blog.

The October nominees are:

Bonnie for her advice on moving and moving on.
Cortimus for his visceral reaction to "Update from the Grad Office"
Kathy Cowley for her helpful weighing of homelessness vs. blogging and a Mirti follow up.
KP for his insights into voyeurism, conspiracy, and the New World Order.

Tailgunner Joe says, "And the winner is..."

"Kathy Cowley!"

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! I won something. :-) My husband recently--in a single week--won a bag, a book, a $100 Amazon gift card, a $50 ebay gift card, two t-shirts, and a pen. I was jealous. Super jealous, nigh unto the point of envy, which is officially a sin. But I know longer have to be jealous--this is a much more meaningful prize. (Who buys stuff on Amazon or ebay anyways? Seriously...)

    Side Note: My junior high school history teacher was a Marxist. He made certain that we did not confuse him for a communist though. You may want to be careful of the distinction as you choose your Commie award presenters.


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