Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Commie Awards

It's time for the monthly Commie Awards (that is, the awards for the best comment of the month). In grand Commie (that is, communist) tradition, however, we'll gradually rewrite history to pretend this award has existed all along, granting it retroactively to June through August as well as September. So hold your breath, comrades (that is, readers), you could be one of the four champions to win the long-coveted Goldbergish.Blogspot.Com Commie Award!


September's Award will be presented by Leon Trotsky, famous for his guest appearance on this blog, for helping dye the Communist flag red, and for completely dropping the ball and letting Stalin take the Soviet Union over and have him killed in Mexico with an ice pick.

The nominees are:

KP for his comment on "A Formula for My Ignorance" which explores the role of apathy in 21st Century American life.
Gideon Burton for his comment on "Is this blog shallow?" which cites LOL Cats and evidence that it's possible to be "jarred from the shallows by the shallow."
KP and his Ten Toggling Tigers for their perspective on the religious role of the internet, found under the post "Google Jews."

Trotsky says, "And the winner is...."

"KP and the Tigers!"

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