Monday, February 16, 2015

Life's Little Yoga Instruction Book (part one)

"Life's Little Yoga Instruction Book" is a spiritual journey through several contorted bodily positions, plus a voice of wisdom from a faraway land where much of the food actually tastes good.

Part One: Table Pose

In Table Pose, you hold the weight of the earth on your back. It is heavy, but don't let go: you'll spoil dinner. Feel the strength flow up through your arms, and from your knees to your hips. Feel the guests come in and seat themselves around you, but don't think too hard about them. You find yourself embarrassed, maybe, just imagining guests with their knees under your chest, forgetting what their moms said and putting their elbows on your back. Why? Only because your mind is filled with illusion. Guests are part of the universe, just as chairs, plates, cups, spoons, and dust are part of the universe.

Breathe in. Don't cough on the dust.

Worrying about what others will think of their experiences is like worrying what the plate will think of the food that gets dished onto it. The plate is made to hold all kinds of food. The person is made to have experiences, good and bad.

Sometimes people come over like plates full of their own food that's none of your business, but they still spill all over the table. Don't get mad, just get a rag. Breathe in, breathe out. Switch to another pose.

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