Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Kira

Author's note 7/30/10. My sister, Judith, somehow obtained my login information, presumably from a source who may or may not be married to any case, she added some interest to my long vacation from Blogland by covertly inserting this post:

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, one minute it's the blogs birthday, then it's the birthday of the neice I blove most, and next it will be the very first birthday of a tiny baby child. Kira's little tiny baby child brother, I mean. Which will make her most definitely not an only child, although I guess she never really was.

Yes indeed, yesterday on the Fourth of July it was my niece Kira's birthday. So here is a toast, to Kira! Or perhaps it should be an oatmeal - I have had heard rumors that it is the preferred breakfast fare. We shall toast that you, Kira, may enjoy many many bowls of oatmeal the years to come. (can you hear the clinking of fine crystal glasses?)

Kira has accomplished a lot in the last year. I mean she went to kindergarten and graduated college with a theses too - and unless I'm mistaken, the graduation came before the kindergarten gig. And possibly she had a couple of multi-cultural weddings too. Amazing, kids these days - half of 'em are hooligans and the other half graduating even before Mrs. Whats-her-name has the chance to hand out snacks and settle 'em down for nap time.

I remember when I was visiting in Utah how excited Kira was for kindergarten, I suppose that it is first grade eve that is upcoming now. I hope that by then brother will wake up on time and that he has a better grasp on the complicated subject of girl's hair.

Maybe when I come to visit Utah in October I'll wake up and Kira and I can do James' hair before we take him Kindergarten class. I mean she needs to learn how to do boys hair at a young age or else Balraj will be left to fend through hair gel and schlac by himself! Except for my brother is very bald. I guess if he had hair he would just look even more like Osama bin Laden anyways. What kind of fate leaves brothers, one often mistaken for Jesus and the other for a terrorist? Kira, we should buy a wig for your dad or maybe a toupee...

Speaking of brothers, I still feel awful that I missed James' groomellete party, not to mention Jamicole's awesome wedding, which of course was a pretty big day in Kira's life -- part five. What are you going to do to top that day in life part six, Kira? But I was running around Thailand and India at the time, so I suppose I'll just forget and not slow down.

Yup, Kira, no looking back. I am only looking forward to baby blessings and hopefully a family Thanksgiving spent in New York and summers in Utah.

We all have a lot to look forward to, especially my favoritest six year old to date.

To Kira, from your littlest ant, in Thailand.

(and sister to you, Mr. James)


  1. Very nice, Judith. Next time you hack into my blog, you should just add yourself as an author!

  2. Love it, Judith, especially all the links! I have been practicing saying, "My granddaughter Kira is six years old. Soon she will be a big sister." [Note that I cleverly "hacked" into lionofzion's blogger account although I am really Mama Caucajewmexdian!]

  3. "ant." Tee hee hee.

    I suppose I should stop giggling over Western accents and Western words. But "Ant so-and-so" and "hoagies" get me every time!!!

    Judith - I too hope James has a good grasp on girls' hair, and that if he doesn't that he will leave poor Kira's hair alone. I still shudder when I remember the day in elementary school that my father did my hair. He later claimed he was going for a fro, but I suspect that was an accident.

  4. To James: Thanks, but I couldn't legitimately live in your brain all the time, could I? I'll stick to hacking when the moment calls.

    To the Fozzy Lion: Yeah, because if you were really my brother than you would be bragging, because you're the one who sent me all the links. Thanks Matt.

    And to Emily: My friend Elizabeth has a girl fro, but she's latino and lives in a ghetto, so it works for her.

  5. Now I think I understand how Dad feels when I answer Steve or James' phone or vise versa...very disorienting.


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