Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dampening the pillow, but not with drool...

Stayed up late reading Menachem Bloodaxe. I just got to the part where he's hiding from enemies in the cliffs of a fjord, and has to celebrate Hanukah alone in a cave, reduced to using fish oil for the last two days' worth of candles.

I found the passage strangely moving.


  1. I found another book I think you might like. It's called Life: A User's Manual.

    Actually, who really reads books anymore. Just read the wikipedia article, it will be about the same.

  2. Funny that you should comment on this: Menachem Bloodaxe, as the title might suggest, is written entirely with words that include both an e and another vowel, so I see it as sort of a companion piece to the novels "La disparition" and "Les revenentes", which are by the same author as "Life: A User's Manual."
    I've enjoyed the wikipedia entries on all three.


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