Saturday, June 27, 2009

Evil Incarnate

Just woke with a start from the middle of a nightmare in which a raccoon-like creature was biting my (fully grown) little brother's toes. I tried to beat it off with a piano stool and made it very angry. Switched to a broomstick for more distance between the hideous creature and my own bare feet.

We were in my childhood home, in the living room, but a strange entertainment center was against the wrong wall. The wolveraccoon of doom was chewing on a small door my brother had opened and at first I'd tried to lightly bonk it just to get it to leave before it hurt him. But the narsty little beasties are so aggressive! May the Almighty protect us from any such ferocity in the real world!

I don't think I'll get back to sleep soon, though. I have a longstanding fear of mutant raccoons.


  1. It seems that camping trip affected you more than any of us realized...I'll have to ask Matt if he has a long-standing fear of brazen geese. (Or were they ducks?)
    I often have dreams that are set in the old house, too.

  2. Why did you let me open the door?

    You knew the wolvercoons were there too...

    but they asked so nicely.

  3. The meaning of this dream is obvious. It is a harbinger of a soon to be discovered ingrown toe nail. Not to worry. The solution is also given in the dream. Use the entertainment center to watch a good show (not on live TV or the toe nail will get cancerous) or listen to good music with a relative or a friend that is relativly close and with open toed sandals (wear the sandal don't prop them up as if they were watching the show).
    That should take care of it. 5 pesos please. (standard dream reading charge)


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