Saturday, August 15, 2009


When medical bills come for various items related to cancer follow-up, I like to remind myself that the body is like a house for the soul, so these are basically rent payments. And I am rather large, so it only makes sense that the rent should be more than for most bodies of a similar age.

The one thing I don't understand is why bodies in worse condition invariably cost more. I mean, would you really want to pay more for a house which had had a portion amputated? How does that make sense?

Perhaps a health care reform bill will soon pass and I'll be able to work off medical bills by spending several hours a week filling out forms, or waiting on hold on the phone. That kind of sweat-equity system is appealing to me. In the current private system, the insurance people I talk to refer me to other people, who don't appear to be at work any time I think of calling and never respond to messages. As Dr. Horrible once wisely said, the status is not quo.

The best possible solution, of course, would involve insurance companies and government working together to deport all sick or damaged persons to Thailand, Singapore, and other areas with high medical standards for relatively low medical costs. But until they pool together the funds to deport me, I'll stay right here and get needles to the arm from well-paid American citizens, thank you very much.

They'll only drip a little.


  1. You didn't even mention the $600 dollars of freezer space spent each year until I carry your child.

    That is a lot of rent for a dark corner in a freezer.

    My dad and his LDS mission companion paid $5 a month for a cabin without running water in 1971. I'm not sure, but I think North Dakota could be as cold as the corner of a freezer.

  2. Yes, but would you really want to store the bright hope of the future in a North Dakota cabin with no running water in the winter? On the other hand, it could take the 'working class roots' ethos to a new level (given enough therapy later in life).


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