Saturday, January 30, 2010

December Commies

The Commie Awards are given each month for the best comment on this blog. The monthly awards are the time for you, our reader-respondents, to shine. A special guest is chosen each month to present the award so the winner will feel extra-special.

After a month-long power struggle, we've finally...uh..."chosen" a guest presenter for the December award.

Before he was internationally infamous, our presenter looked like this: affable, business casual, and very proud of his own funny jokes. The kind of man you would like to have for a boss--if his pen name weren't Joseph Stalin.

The nominees for December are:

KP for disappearing during the month. Good choice.
Leon Trotsky for being a loser.
James Goldberg for failing to accept Soviet realism.
The Jews for involvement in various conspiracies.
Peter for his thoughts on the Apocalypse.

All the nominees have been killed, exiled, or ordered to be killed in exile.

And the winner of the December Commie Award is....

...Joseph Stalin!


  1. Comrade, I cannot find my husband. He rejected Soviet realism but embraces totalitarianism. If he is in hiding, I accept the loss. But, could you lead me to his body if you have carried out your order?

    You know, insurance.

  2. You're in the comments section of a blog. I know it's disorienting, but that's how it goes: one minute, you're sipping margaritas in Mexico, the next minute you're holding an icepick in your head and staring up through two comments into Stalin's nose.


  3. Nicole, you must have much better insurance than I do.


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