Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just kidding! And a coalition offer...

It's funny how simple misunderstandings so quickly get blown out of proportion. Unkind words are said by commenters, posters overreact, pretty soon there's a virtual funeral to attend and flowers to be taken care of. It's not pretty, and more importantly, it very quickly becomes expensive...

But let's get back to our own situation. In a heat of irritation, I may have made some hasty statements and promises which obscured the true facts.

Let's remember that James went into hiding on his own. I wasn't even involved then. I was hesitant to accept an assignment as interim guest poster, but did so out of the goodness of my heart. But the readers didn't hold up their end of the bargain and listen to me. They didn't keep the rules I set for them. It's sad when people are dishonest like that, but that's the way the world is, I suppose.

The point is: James can come back at any time. No one has ever told him otherwise. He hasn't, because he's been afraid that I'm a more interesting writer, but I can assure him that's only true for discerning readers (who are apparently a minority locally).

If James wants to come back, let him come back. We'll take turns blogging. Share power.

And I absolutely promise (swear on dadeckr's grave) that I won't pay anyone to have him killed.



  1. We understand you, Drona. We, like you, are the epitome of love and acceptance. If others misunderstand the more complex applications of that love, that is a tragedy they can only attribute to their own bigotry.

    Rest assured that we are ever vigilant for your cause, and are currently searching for James, that we might invite him (lovingly) to return to your midst. Dadeckr's death will not have been in vain.

  2. Drona, good news! James is not really hidden - he's only on an existential adventure. We can't tell you more than that, since Emily is watching over our shoulder. She has not yet unraveled the mysteries of enforcing peace through gentle violence, and she is seeking to thwart our efforts to assist you.

    Big Sister

  3. I would never betray an MFA buddy. Down with Big Sister! Down with Drona! My soul and my integrity are not for sale, and as long as Big Sister lacks a full attention span, I will prevent her treachery. Even if it takes me to my virtual grave.

    The Real Emily

    PS - I might potentially still be open to negotiations.

  4. Drona. I haven't been able to show my face for fear of retribution. Apparently the wishy-washy dadeckr has become something of a symbol for your opposition to rally around.

    To anyone still loyal to Drona: Follow me if you want to live.

  5. I think Drona is being deceitful, manipulative, and a tyrant, despite his faux-call for a coalition offer.

    Notice his comment on The Short List, which reveals his true intentions:

    Nice work with dadeckr, but I don't know if it's going to be enough. People are changing the colors and titles on me--I don't know how long I can sustain this. If I go into hiding, can I hang out here? I can pay, of course.
    I must say, I'm glad that we have taken back the color of this website and that the titles are now appropriate - "Long Live James!" and "Drona: Worst Tyrant Ever."

    If we keep fighting, we can get rid of Drona permanently! (I have decided I am not afraid of death, so will continue to defy Drona openly.)

  6. Drona, someone keeps stalling us, but we want to give you James:

    Big Sister

    And now we too will go into hiding, lest someone seek revenge against us.

  7. No need to go there. I'm here.

    Your turn is over now.

  8., I came here to confront Drona, but now I can't seem to find him anywhere. Any idea where he might have gone? Just link to anything he's said anywhere today.

  9. I don't know where Drona is, but I have some strange news. After we left your hideout I went to settle the score with the Grey Trench Coat. I broke into his blog, but he wasn't there. When I searched the place I found a boat departure schedule and a passenger list. I saw the time and hurried to the port, but when I got there the boat was just setting sail.

    Here's the strange thing: The passenger list only had two names on it, Grey Trench Coat and Big Sister. Apparently Drona wasn't on the ship.

    The last thing I heard from him was the ridiculous denial he made at dadeckr's blog. That was at 8:11 pm yesterday.

  10. Thanks for the info. Any clues help.

  11. The good news is that even if Drona shows up again, he staunchest supporters won't be here to back him up.

    And nobody has to worry about getting shot.

  12. It's good to see you back, James.


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