Friday, July 17, 2009

It's not just a balloon--respect the Apocalypse

Rough meeting at the Apocalypse Club yesterday; I think we'll be breaking up. Tina suggested that our main priority should be getting more people to attend Neil Gaiman's Apocalypse Party; Ben said that was ridiculous, and a horrible way to promote the End of the World; a third member (who will remain unnamed) suggested that each of us say what we wanted out of the Apocalypse and then take a vote on what our goals should be.

Turns out we all expect completely different things and our Apocalyptic cooperation has been a sham all along.

So farewell to Gloria's muffins of doom, which made morning meetings oh so worthwhile. Farewell to the gloom and doom of Fay, and the ecstatic anticipation of Peter and Paul. Goodnight blood red moon we've had evening meetings watching for. Good night one-legged cow of dharma who will not be able to jump over said moon until the end of the current Kaliyuga. Goodnight bear and good night chair (I don't know what those have to do with the Apocalypse, but that's what happens when you get yourself stuck in a children's book.)

Maybe it's not so bad if the world doesn't end just yet.


  1. Thief. Stealer of others' cleverness.

    Good night stars. Good night air.

    Good night noises everywhere.

  2. Wow...that's really terrifying in an Apocalyptic reading. I should have checked the book before finishing that post--seriously, it gives me chills just looking at those words, seeing the otherwise-innocent "Goodnight Moon" as a benediction on human existence.

  3. this post makes me want to go and read some background material because i feel ignorant not knowing what Kaliyuga means...thank heavens you've included that link to wikipedia!

    i don't really have a comment on the Apocalypse, though.


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