Monday, July 20, 2009

My new favorite TV show

I've told you about books, movies, and the news (my favorite form of fiction), so I guess it's only appropriate to keep you updated on what I watch when I'm not busy with all those things.

Yes, I am one of those proud few who still watch TV.

And tonight I found a show that made that habit seem worthwhile. It's called Black and it's about--get this--a forensic accountant. Yes, Jared Black's job is to go in after companies have committed crimes or else gone belly up and left trouble in their wake, and trace the path the company's money took through whatever tangled web of power and deceit was illicitly spun. The stakes are high, the tension is palpable, the mystery in the pilot threw me for at least three loops (two of which I immediately realized I should have seen coming, but didn't). As for the lead--he's a living counterexample to the old adage that the most effective form of birth control for an accountant is his or her personality.

Anyway, this is most definitely something you should add to your TiVo list, or else to your list of reasons to get some kind of DVR.

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