Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Menachem Bloodaxe *spoiler alert*

I realize it's kind of odd to be giving a spoiler alert on a work of nonfiction, but honestly, if you haven't read the book, it's worth letting yourself be surprised. So please STOP READING NOW.

OK, if you're still reading I'm assuming that means you've already read the book. I'm at the part now where he fled Njal Svenson by joining the raid on Ireland...and then got married there. Wow--I did not see that coming.

And it made me think...it's entirely possible that C.S. Lewis, Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, George Bernhard Shaw, William Butler Yeates, Richard Brinsley Sheriden, Oliver Goldsmith, or any of the other great Irish writers everyone assumes are English could be descendants of the intrepid Jewish Viking.


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  1. Some suspect that the Irish are one of the ten lost tribes of Israel. (The Afaghanis and Africans are also possibilities.) This explains two things: 1) All peoples who have been oppressed based on ethnicity/race are part of the House of Israel. 2) Every intellectual is somehow Jewish.


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