Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pop Quiz

Does the above picture depict:

a) a nephew of Osama bin Laden caught wearing a Ted Kaczynski shirt?

b) a Greek guy eating at a Turkish restaurant in a Cypriot neighborhood?

c) someone ethnically (and ethically) ambiguous you'd rather not sit next to on a plane?

d) a Caucajewmexdian?


e) Other. Please explain below.

Please vote (by commenting)! Polls close in 48 hours and votes will be counted instantaneously. In fact, I could announce the results now, but that would ruin the fun of the election--who do I like like? Oh yeah:

f) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


  1. It must be both C and D. Caucajewmexdians are so ethically and ethnically ambiguous that they need to be stopped and searched every time they go to the airport. I'd hate for airport security to slack off on their racial profiling.

  2. E-My first thought was "is that Cat Stevens?" Also, E is my favorite letter.


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