Monday, July 20, 2009

Wise Words of Natasha

Wind is caused, as a science teacher once explained to me or I once dreamed that a science teacher explained to me, by rising and falling currents caused by heating and cooling in the air. The Bible offers a different tradition: in Genesis, the wind is the spirit of God sweeping back and forth over the earth.

In either case (or perhaps both?) the wind today became the impetus for the following exchange, with profound hidden mystical layers of meaning, between my beautiful bride-to-be and her niece, a six-year-old girl of hitherto-hidden insight:

Natasha: In the breeze, the tree looks like it's laughing. The breeze is laughing. Look at the houses. They're sleeping. They don't move in the breeze.

Nicole: Maybe they're tired because people are always running in and out of them.

Natasha: They don't even dance when we play music.

Nicole: Maybe they do dance, and we just can't tell because we're dancing, too.

Further written commentary on this exchange would have to slight either the philosophy or poetry that lies within it and beneath its surface. Being unwilling to offer thoughts on one aspect at the expense of the other, I leave the exchange in your hands (and eyes and mind and soul), gentle reader, to be enlightened by to whatever extent you will.

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  1. i experienced extreme happiness after reading this post. i think that your writing is great--there's something about reading things that are written by an eloquent and funny person that just makes one happy! i really like your focus on small, everyday things in this blog. i think that, for whatever reason, these kinds of observations (or sharing of other people's observations) about life and it's little quirks and everyday occurances fascinates us all. or maybe it's just me, but i don't care! i still like it!


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